A final aloha to Ted Vorfeld

Memorial service for Ted Vorfeld October 26, 2014Ten years ago today, in a sparkling white boat, Ted and Peter Vorfeld and I said goodbye to their father (and my husband), Jack, as they lowered the container of his ashes into the Pacific Ocean off Kona. Two years ago, Peter Vorfeld passed away, and his kids scattered his ashes off his home near Waimanalo. On October 26, 2014, it was time to say Aloha to Ted. But do you really say goodbye, when a person is such a part of your life, your memories? I don’t think so. Delightful reminders of my husband, Jack, surround me. And this memory or that will make me chuckle, laugh out loud, or make me determined to try something one more time. And long before he knew me, he raised two wonderful sons. Peter and Ted had so many of his characteristics, although they had entirely different temperaments and talents.They were strong men who loved their families and who loved the ocean.They were excellent cooks, and appreciative of eating good food. One was a brilliant engineer and the other was a brilliant marketing professional. They were great storytellers. They were colorful and wonderful and the apple of their father's eye. Ted was physically a big man, and he had presence, although he never knew it. He was probably smarter than almost everyone, but you would never know it. He loved life, and enjoyed “being there” for his family. This year, he made it possible for the family to get together in Kona after his passing so we could celebrate his life and each other's lives. That was his idea. The last week of October we said a formal “Aloha.” Family and friends informally shared memories at his and Martha’s home, with help from cousin David Coon, and later a few of us boarded a boat to go near the place where he had scattered his father’s ashes . . . so we could do the same for him. He left behind some amazing grandchildren, and it was a delight for me to get together will almost all of them. Plus their parents. And cousins, and close friends and former colleagues. In a subsequent blog post, I will add some pictures to give those who were absent a chance to get an overview of activities. But before I do that, I want to quote from a letter written to Ted in the months leading up to his untimely death: “None of us know how much longer we will remain on this earth in a physical form. I have learned that the one who passes....the one who has so deeply loved those of us left behind...the one who stayed so faithful and loyal...the one who has walked with us through life's many storms and sweet moments for long, long years....only passes out of our vision but never ever passes out of our hearts or our awareness. “Love really is eternal. What a legacy you leave to your beloveds. A heart who has loved them....and a heart that will always, always hold them close.” Ted loved us. Nothing can touch the mystery, majesty, and truth of this fact. Aloha, Ted.
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  1. B.L. Ochman says:

    What a lovely tribute to Ted, and a beautiful way to express how those we love stay in our hearts and minds forever.

    Sending you a huge hug and a woof from Benny.
    Love ,

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