Bob Downing

What a treasure our family lost when brother-in-law Bob Downing passed away Sunday. He was many things to many people: husband, father, grandpa, uncle, son-in-law, brother-in-law, Ranger Bob, Mr. Downing, Silvertip (a favorite nickname from my generation), and much more. A highly organized man, he was an avid photographer. And his work was superb. He loved nature, and because he was a teacher in Eureka, CA who spent his summers as a ranger with the National Park Service, he was very deeply in tune with the beauty and essence of nature. And the cataloging of his photography was something truly amazing. Bob was usually the quiet one in a group, but when he spoke, people listened. He was both bright and witty, but he did his best to downplay those attributes. Didn’t work, at least for family. We just admired and adored him. I’m posting some pictures of Bob, along with various family members, and it is easy to tell what a nifty, affirming man he was. The family sheds tears of joy that his many years of overcoming profound physical issues are finished, but there are tears of grief as we realize how important his presence, his hugs, his unconditional love, and his opinions were... Thank God for memories. We will always remember (with thanksgiving) this quiet, strong, reliable family icon. NOTE: to enlarge the photos, run your mouse/cursor over each photo...
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  1. My hugs and best wishes to your family at this time and always. Love Brenda Sansom

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