Richard Gress meets Maxine & Jack Vorfeld

March, 2016 Dear Judy: My name is Richard Gress. My wife, Lyn and I lived in Salt Lake City, Utah, where I retired last year from the University of Utah. I grew up in Honolulu during the 1950’s, left in 1960, and have not returned. But this year, Lyn and I plan on visiting, and in my internet research, ran across the familiar name of Vorfeld. My dad enlisted in the Navy on December 8, 1941 and went straight to Pearl Harbor for the cleanup. Jack and Maxine became friends and acted as surrogate family during the war, so that when we moved to Honolulu in the early 1950s, they were likewise our friends, and we spent many Sundays visiting their home. I remember the long, grassy hill descending from the house, and the two boxer dogs (which actually scared me a bit, since I was only 7). One of my prized possessions, which Jack gave me, was a lithographed tin model of an Indianapolis racer, which was quite large, and even had removable wheels with “knock on” hubcaps—of course being a young boy, this was a strong memory. My mom missed her family, and Jack and Maxine did much to fill that void. I know from memory how wonderful they were to all of us. I wonder if that house is still there? If it is, it would be fun to drive by. Do you know the address? Although nine years older, it appears from your website that Jack outlived my dad by quite a bit, he having passed in 1986, with my mom following in 2002. Their names were Earl and Beatrice Gress. My dad started a muffler shop in Kapahulu (707 Kapahulu Ave) and I believe he utilized some AMFAC resources establishing the business. We initially lived in rentals near the Kapahulu area, then bought a home in upper Aina Haina, and later in Kailua. My brother was born in Honolulu in 1954, and he currently lives in Salem, OR. My daughter lives in Vancouver WA, so we visit that area frequently, and your website notes a connection between that area and you as well. And apparently you live to the state just south of us. I recall pictures of the house and the two dogs which my dad took, and I will make an attempt to find them and scan them to share.
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