Thanks, Massage Envy

Massage Envy is superb. And an absolute lifesaver. I have chronic back and neck issues, and being able to be treated by a team of skilled people has helped me keep my business going (I sit at a computer every day, often for long periods of time).

I have been with Massage Envy Park West since it opened, and the Avondale 99th Ave facility before that. On an average, I have a massage, which I call my Physical Therapy, at least once a month. In all this time, I have had many different Licensed Massage Therapists, male and female, and every one of them has treated me with respect and professionalism.

Recently there’s been a lot of negative publicity about Massage Envy, and my heart breaks for every person who was not treated appropriately. Such incidents change lives forever. At the same time, I know there must be many therapists who’ve had to face cancellation after cancellation because of what a small number of perverts have done.

These innocent professionals have spent years saving to go to school, which is costly. And many have had to move to a metro area to go to school and have had housing expenses in addition to tuition and materials. Most held down at least one part-time job while going to school, and school is tough. (I wonder how many are still paying off student loans.) But these men and women have dreams, goals, and they were willing to sacrifice to meet them. Many of them are now dealing with a significant slowdown, and as an independent contractor, I can relate.

Massage therapy is one of the most remarkable wellness therapies I’ve experienced. It’s time for me to go on record and say “Thanks!” to all the Licensed Massage Therapists who are skilled, talented, dedicated, professional, and 100% ethical. You’re making life better in a stressful world!

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