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Little drummer girl graphicHow does one take a lifetime of memories and current events, and begin to pay tribute to the many people who made beautiful music in my life? It's not possible. Throughout this site I will focus on a few special people, but there are so many more...people whose very existence made a difference in my life. I've been blessed with an enormous and wonderful family, a number of incredible role models, and excellent friends.

Much of who and what I am is the result of those who came before me. Please read my great-grandmother Crocker's The Gifts of My Old Age, from her journal. She experienced many cruel blows in life, yet her journal reflects a beautiful spirit. Not a hint of self-pity from this woman born in 1856. And I think of Great-grandma Boynton who became a widow at an early age and yet raised her sons in such a manner that their lives honored her sacrifices and commitment. Both women died when I was young, but I remember them: they were kind, loving people. I am blessed.

Grandma Sue and Grandpa DocGRANDMA SUE AND GRANDPA DOC BOYNTON lived on the corner of Park Drive and Cornwall Drive, six blocks away from our Franklin Street home. They played a vital role in our upbringing, with their firm New England morals, down-to-earth humor, strong work ethic, open hearts and open doors, and were the parents of Ethel, Hope, Betty, Solon, and Lois. The Crook kids were blessed to live in the same town, same neighborhood with the Boyntons. Their activities seemed endless: gardening, boating, fishing, smoking salmon, harvesting and preserving fruits and vegetables, photography, collecting antique glass. Such energy and productivity. Read more about these Bellingham pioneers from Carver, Massachusetts, on their special pages.

Vorfelds at Lahaina after their July 3, 1971 wedding at Honukohua ChurchVorfelds in early 1990sJACK VORFELD Four years after my divorce, I met Jack Vorfeld , who has been the love of my life ever since. He's a strong but gentle person who's always had a great desire to help others. I loved the way he treated his elderly mother...actually the way he treated everybody. His attitude toward me is, always, "What can I do to help make your life better?" Every day. Jack is extremely family-oriented, and was thrilled to marry into my large clan. And they absolutely adore him. There's more about Jack in his own section of the site.

JOSEPH PATRICK DUKARICH Of all the people I worked with in my 13 years with Goodyear Aerospace/Loral Defense Systems, none was more special than my boss, Joe Dukarich. Duke was a brilliant man who went to great pains to hide the fact. He'd shuffle around the plant with a frown on his face, something he did deliberately so people wouldn't take advantage of his department. He managed all the company vehicles, business travel, and shipping. But he never scowled at me, and was one of those special people who believed in me and my potential when I had my doubts.

Jack and I got to know Duke and his wife, Ruthie, butterfly on brittlebushthrough our church affiliation. This is where I saw another part of him: loving, caring, giving. A man who loved his family deeply, and who gave effortlessly to his family, friends, and church. He did considerable volunteer work after his retirement, and up until his death. He had cancer on and off for years. He lost his beloved Ruthie, and some time later met and married Naomi, who also volunteered at his church. He died in great pain, refusing to complain. Instead, Duke used his waning energy to speak praises to his Creator. Duke was my hero, and I — along with many others—miss him.

Other people not mentioned elsewhere who made a difference: Myrtle Carter, Caroline Hoff, Harry Pond, Maurice Carey, Luella Warriner, Marlene Beebe Forester, Frank Scott, Mamie and Mary Joyce Hubert, Ruth Forbes, Donna Jean Essex, Ann Sunitsch, Janice Christensen, Burke and Ruby Hatfield, Donna Fuller, Kay Bishop, Shirley Davis, Yvonne Elardo, Steve Burkhart, Lynne Campbell, Dave & Barb Stallings, Mark & Leslie Martin, Beverly Jacobson, Dan Cook, Bonnie Sanders, Marcus Flowers, Ray and Betty Sullivan, Jerry Morris, Oliver J. Bader, Waneta Case, Alva Blomberg, the Hastings family: Robin, Ray, & Mike, Vince & Cathryn Marino, Frances Bigelow, Madeline Vasconcellos, Betty Hay Freeland, Fran Park, Ed & Laurie Savage, Leonard & Gloria Kotecki, Merlyn & Sandra Carter, Pamela Johnston, and Hal & Evelyn Bernard. These are just a few of the special people who added a symphony of music to my life.

And we mustn't forget Dorothy McGinnis. She was my client, but I am her debtor. I loved that woman. And often I was too busy to give her the attention she deserved. My loss.

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